This weekend was bittersweet for me and the Weekend Startup School team.  We had to do what was best for the quality of the offering we had for our attendees and that was cancel this weekend’s (June 4th and 5th) event.


We apologize because we know how much value you and your business expected to get from this event.
We are all in business and we all know that canceling sucks!  Oh, it sucks.  It feels like you’ve failed in some way.  However, I also had a chance this weekend to read TWO books – The Year Of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  In Gilbert’s book there was a passage that spoke to me and helped ME understand why canceling was the best thing for the weekend.


Gilbert interviewed Tom Waits.  Here’s an excerpt:


In the course of our interview, Waits went on a whimsical rant about all the different forms that song ideas will take when they are trying to be born.   Some songs, he said, will come to him with an almost absurd ease, “like dreams taken through a straw.”  Other songs, though, he has to work hard for, “like digging potatoes out of the ground.”  Still other songs are sticky and weird, “like gum found under an old table,” while some songs are like wild birds that he must come at sideways, sneaking up on them gently so as not to scare them into flight.
The most difficult and petulant songs, though, will only respond to a firm hand and an authoritative voice.  There are songs, Waits says, that simply will not allow themsleves to be born, and that will hold up the recording of an entire album.  Waits has, at such moments, cleared the studio of all the other musicians and technicians so he can have a stern talking-to with a particularly obstinate song.  He’ll pace the studio alone, saying aloud, “Listen, you!  We’re all going for a ride together!  The whole family’s already in the van!  You have five minutes to get on board, or else this album is leaving without you!”
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn’t.
Sometimes you have to let it go.
I know it sounds a bit strange to talk to inspiration or an idea that way, but we’re all creative in some way with our businesses and have had ideas that were great, but weren’t quite ready to reveal their best selves to us in our time frame.


That’s what happened to Weekend Startup School.


So please be patient with us as we figure out the best way to deliver this content and this knowledge.  Weekend Startup School has been a great success in the past and we will not send entrepreneurs out there with anything less than the best version of the knowledge we have for them.


Thanks again for helping us get so far in the process.  We appreciate you.


Ella and Paul


P.S.  We will definitely let you know what our plans are going forward.
P.P.S. Email me here for more information.