Literature Review Writing Guides

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A Detailed Guide on How to Format a Literature Review

Understanding how to format a literature review includes reviewing instructions provided by your instructor along with knowing a few basic tips for content structure. Reviewing details of formatting your work include understanding what information is essential to the structure. Provide a clear scope behind your work and note the most significant elements related to your findings. Prepare this section by writing a rough draft or an outline to help organize thoughts and ideas before finalizing your content. The following tips provide easy insight on how to format a review for your project.

Study Example Papers for Ideas

A common way to assess what is required for a writing assignment is to study something already written in advance. A literature review format example is a great writing tool to help you understand what it is and how it should look when completed. Examples are available online through college websites, paper editing services, and academic blogs and databases. Using an example gives clear insight on what your paper should look like at completion and what information should be discussed. You’ll learn quickly how to present your content.

Know Information Required for Your Lit Review Format

Do you understand what your literature review should include and how it should look? Your format literature review content will depend on certain forms of information essential to the structure and organization of your data. Many may know what information is discussed but get confused on how to write it and what pertinent details to mention. Refer to the example review paper you studied earlier and note things you liked about it to help guide actions for starting your own.

Use an Outline to Plan Ideas

Your review paper format may start off with basic ideas structured into sections using an outline. The outline provides guidance for discussion points and information related to your main idea. For preparing a literature review, consider your outline as notes or the foundation for your content. When forming your outline, focus on establishing clear points and detailed information for your main idea. Think about the order and presentation of your points; it helps determine structure for your format. If you are required to use MLA or APA formatting keep in mind how your instructor expects either format to be followed according to your school’s standards.

Prepare Rough Draft and Finalize

Once you have reviewed elements of a format of literature review content, create your rough draft. The outline acts as your rough draft. You can fill in additional information as necessary between your main and supporting points to create a cohesive lit review. Use your sample paper as a reference for organizing your information. During this stage you’ll write, rewrite, and revise your work. It should be detailed while providing clear insight on what you learned and how others can reference your work and expertise. Share your work with someone you trust and get feedback. Doing so may help improve your work and lead to a better outcome for your project.

After learning the basics associated with the literature review format you should have ideas on how to start the process for your content. The basics of formatting your work include reviewing directions provided by your instructor and reviewing previously written literature review content to study a presentable structure you can follow. Assess details you want to mention in your review and consider how to present them based on importance and overall scope of your research. When your content is completed it should be easy to read while presenting findings clearly and efficiently.